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So Much For Economic & Political Leadership

by TheFalcon September 19, 2008 News Commentary

The following CNN article provoked this commentary: ‘Sobering moment’ forged bipartisan support for bailout plan So now we all know that the Federal Reserve, The Treasury, The President and Congress are feverishly working in concert to quickly enact legislation that will use taxpayer money to bail out wall street.  This is debt that no one else in their […]

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On The Precipice

by TheFalcon September 19, 2008 News Commentary

Is the American Public asleep? Apparently so. Bloomberg reports today that The U.S. government has “moved to cleanse banks of troubled assets and halt an exodus of investors from money markets in the biggest expansion of federal power over the financial system since the Great Depression”. See the full article: Paulson, Bernanke Expand U.S. Power […]

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Inflation, Disinformation And The Need To Define Terms

by TheFalcon April 24, 2008 Inflation

With the prices of agricultural products, industrial and precious metals, as well as energy at all time highs; we certainly live in inflationary times.  But what does the word inflation mean in economic terms, from whence does it come, and where does it lead?  Think you know?  Read on. “It is well that the people […]

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Abolish The Fed? That’s Just Crazy…or is it?

by TheFalcon March 17, 2008 FYI

Jim Rogers, famed hedge fund manager, doesn’t seem to think so. See the following Bloomberg article with his comments:   ABOLISH THE FED   In the words of Revelutionary War era statesmen convening for a session of the Continental Congress, “Hear him! Hear him!” Maybe the Fed is the problem and not the solution. Uh oh! […]

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The Demise of Bear Stearns – A Eulogy

by TheFalcon March 17, 2008 News Commentary

Ah the venerable Bear Stearns…. Founded in 1923…Pronounced DOA Sunday, March 16th, 2008 after 85 wonderful years.   Stock Price Action Highlights: 52 Week High $160.00 Nov 5, 2007 $100.00 Jan 1, 2008 $ 85.00 Mon last week $ 62.00 Fri last week 30 bucks (change in vernacular intentional) Sunday 2 Bits and holding according […]

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With Journalism Like This, Who Needs Confusion?

by TheFalcon November 29, 2007 News Commentary

Commercial Real Estate & CMBS – Some News Commentary The commentary below was inspired by an article published by Bloomberg on Nov. 28, 2007.  Click the following link for the full article: Deadbeat Developers Signaled (Bloomberg Nov 28, 2007)   Commentary – It is a mixture of truth and hype and you have to take your […]

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