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by TheFalcon

I initially chose The Falcon as a pen name because of their incredible eyesight.  They can spot their prey from a mile away and from a great height.  I thought this symbolized the intent of this blog.  The idea is to promote keen vision in surveying the economic, historical and geo-political landscape.  Ok, so I also thought The Falcon just sounded cool.  The added symbolism was a bonus.  Please, indulge me as I share a few other impressive characteristics of the noble falcon.

They are the fastest bird of prey in the animal kingdom, traveling at 35mph in level flight and up to 200mph when diving on their prey.  They catch their prey in mid-air in a steep dive at incredible speeds with percision flying and some really sharp talons.  I understand it is an impressive spectacle to behold, hence the interest of some in Falconry.  Some species migrate as far as 10,000 miles, they mate for life and have no natural enemies except for us.

So what’s on my mind with this blog?  As indicated in the tag line, The Falcon is committed to promoting economic, historical and geo-political literacy.  For that, you have to dig beneath the superficial (i.e. the news), saturate yourself in history and the dynamics of human behaviour, consider what others have said, and apply your own critical and sober minded thinking.

Some of my motto’s are [1] Keep it simple stupid, [2]If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then…., and [3] In Gold we trust. My admonitions to you are, [1] Believe none of what you hear, see or read in the mainstream press or from your political and economic leadership,  [2] Put aside your preconceived notions and become a truth seeker and free thinker, [3] Do your own homework and get your facts straight before you do or speak, and finally [4] keep your eye on the ball.  He who has an ear, let ’em hear!

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1 Troy Bronson August 2, 2010 at 8:46 pm

To The Falcon Post,
Thanks for creating such an insightful and raw source of information for the public. I visit the site off and on to grow my knowledge in the financial realm so I can see the path that has gotten our country in the situation we’re currently in.

Your site serves as a great historical financial barometer for scholars and laymen alike. I know The Falcon poured his heart and mind into the creation of this project and God gifted him with the ability of great judgement and communication.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next update because I know it will be just as insightful as the last.

Good luck Falcon, continue to soar high and proud!
God bless everyone as we make the best of this journey back home.



2 Troy Bronson August 29, 2010 at 11:42 pm

Hello Falcon,
After watching a documentary on the National Deficit, I did further research and came across a site showing the National Debt Clock The information contained on this site was eye opening and extremely alarming to how far we have gone off the chart of financial reality and responsibility.
I think the visual impact is so overwhelming to the senses that it causes us as a nation to just ignore the overall implication of our daily personal and governmental spending an lack of responsibility.
Well, in closing… I just wanted to share this information with you as you have done a great job of helping me clear the dust and try to be more responsible and realistic to my personal financial situation.
Troy Bronson


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